I have lost internet service. What should I do?

Please locate your router and check the lights on the front. You should see 3 green lights. If the middle one is off or orange, trace the cable plugged into the back of the router in the port that says “Internet” back to a power supply (located at a wall outlet or powerstrip). Remove radio power supply plug from outlet and leave this off for roughly 2 minutes. You can also unplug the power cord from the back of the router in this process and leave off for same period of time. Plug back in the radio power supply and router power cord and wait for another two minutes to see if you get three green lights, if you do, service should be restored.

How do I connect my device or computer to Wi-Fi?

If you cannot connect your device or computer to WiFi- please verify that the light located on your router that looks like a ball with parenthesis around it is lit up green. If you do not see a light next to this icon, locate the button on the front of the router that looks just like this icon and press and hold for one second. This should turn the Wireless back on. If you cannot see you wireless network name on your computer, please locate the wireless bar icon on your computer or mobile device and search for the name of your network. Click on this and enter a password if you have one applied to your network.

My e-mail is not working. What should I do?

Locate your email server settings screen and verify that the incoming AND outgoing server settings show “” for each. The port numbers for Incoming server settings can be port 143 for unsecured or 993 for SSL. Outgoing server ports should have SSL turned on with port 465 turned on. You may also verify authentication is turned on for outgoing mail. Username and password for IGLTEL accounts should have the entire email address in the field and WW accounts should only have the prefix of the email address (ie. No

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